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Benefits of Dancing : When was the last you danced?

Forget your troubles and dance - Bob Marley When someone or you doubt your dancing skills, listen to this song. A positive affirmation to boost your confidence. When you move, you feel good; it’s common sense. And everyone knows dancing is good and has positive effects on our physical wellness. But how about our mental health? Can dance improve our mental wellbeing?    In honor of 100 day project, which will be ending rightfully on Mental Health Awareness Month, coming May, today on day 008/100 we’ll look into  the positive correlation between dance, and mental health. As the topic of mental health becomes more and more prevalent in today’s society, an increasing amount of research surrounding the positive effects of dance on mental health has emerged. Now you know why Tik Tok app is blooming in popularity!  Within the scientific community, a growing number of researchers ha ve proven that, while dancing, an abundance of mood-improving chemicals are released within the body of the dan

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